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September 21, 2012
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A/N: Hey folks, this is Alice AKA Cutediepie. Anyway, I decided to write a short Invader Zim fan fiction. This fan fiction is going to be ZADR/RAPR, so if you hate this then do not read. Meanwhile for the rest of you, this is rated M for sexual maturity, and for cussing.
If I get enough positive comments, or at least enough for me I will write onto this. Until then enjoy chapter one.
Purple sighed, finding everything to be too- boring. The same things every day, wake up, eat, nap, eat, plan for galaxy domination, eat, sleep, and bathe. Every day the same.
He hated it. He wanted something fresh, something new.
Red however enjoyed living in a ripple. He loved being able to do what he loves, every day. Even if it meant never changing his plans.
Both Tallest has agued a lot over the past month. Purple could figure out why but he felt like ripping out his antennas and feeding them to the smaller folk. Whereas Red minded his own duty, and did not mind, the constant augments.
One day both sat in their room. Red was reading a book on Irken psychology; he seemed intensely into the story at hand. It was about Irken's minds and love.
Purple sat on his bed, not wearing his tunic, just pants. He never bothered to put on his tunic when he and Red just sat in the room. He growled, "Red, how can you just sit there?"
Red looked up from his book half hearted, "What do you mean?"
"I mean, how can we be so boring?" Purple yelled as he stood and stomped over to Red, "Huh? Answer me!"
Red shrugged and looked down at his book, he obviously did not care. The fact was that he had been researching the sudden change in his co-leader, and has found some interesting information. He could not believe the results of said findings, because now he knew he would have to satisfy the needs of his co-leader to just get him off his back.
Red was just glad that Purple for all reasons regarding this, was considered female. He sighed and stood, dropping his book in his chair.
He then embraced Purple and whispered in his ear, "I love it when you're angry. I just make me quiver."
Purple gasped and pulled away, "What are you doing?"
Red then grabbed Purple yet again in a death grip of a hug, "I want to satisfy you. You need it, and I know you do, so don't deny it."
"Need what?" Purple asked, while he became swooned to the voice of his counter-part.
Red began to purr seductively, "What ever you want. Anything to please you, but only for today." He paused, letting his words sink in, "I am your slave, no, and toy until it is sunrise."
Purple smiled, "I knew you'd come around."
Red smiled back, sharp teeth shining. He could not wait to start being the toy.
Zim passed back and forth outside of the restroom. His squeedlyspooch felt like it was going to explode.
He growled, and he reached for the door, ready to pry it open, when Dib-sister skipped out and down the hall to her room.
Zim hated that little beast. He walked into the restroom, and went ahead and used the toilet. After he was done, he got out his cleansing bar and began to scrub his green hands.
He sighed, "Zim hates this place."
Zim was staying with Dib while his house was being repaired. GIR had gotten creative with flying tacos, and exploding waffles.
Zim growled once again and turned to find Dib standing in an open doorway, Zim screamed, "How long have you been there!"
"I just got here." Dib raised an eyebrow.
"YOU LIE!" Zim yelled, while flailing his arms wildly.
Dib grabbed his arms and restrained them, "Calm down! Your gonna-"
Dib gulped, "He's not my boyfriend, and fine!"
Zim smirked, "Why are you so afraid of little Gaz-beast? Isn't she like 12 in human years?"
"No she's 15 Zim." Dib sighed.
Zim shrugged, "Same difference."
"No Zim, not the same." Dib tried to explain but could think of the right words, "When your 12 you're like really- uh- short-" Zim interrupted him.
"She is really short."
"Well- uh- that's because she takes after our mom? Anyway uh-" He paused, "12 year old girls, usually haven't hit puberty yet-" Zim interrupted again, "What is puberty?"
Dib did a sort of face palm, "It when you reach sexual maturity."
"What's that?" Zim asked.
Dib absolutely hated this, never in all of his year had he thought that he would be teaching an alien about the birds and the bees.
Zim saw his displeasure and decided to just drop the subject. Zim then turned to the mirror, pulled off his wig, and began to scratch his antenna. Dib could not help himself; he reached up and grabbed one. Zim made a shuttering sound, one you would usually hear from a mouse.
The Zim began to purr, face a dark green of a blush. "L-let g-go. Y-your not s-supposed t-to touch t-that." Zim said dreamily, trying to get anger into his voice but failing.
Dib saw the absolute pleasure on Zim's face, so he decided to see what would happen if he stroked the stocks of the antenna. He did so, and Zim sat on the floor. He did not wine, he only purred.
Dib enjoyed seeing Zim like that, it made his happy. He always wanted the upper hand between the alien, friends or not.
Zim then stood, and planted a kiss unto Dib's unsuspecting lips.
Dib jumped back, and wiped his mouth, "What was that for!"
Zim was in shock as well, "Even I don't know."
just maiking a short this. if you want more comment like crazy
Part 2: [link]
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