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Arc swang high, so far the park wasn't so bad. By the information Zim had passed down from his experiences, she thought it would be torment, but instead it was fun.
Blake stood, watching her swing for a long time. Finally he spoke, "What exactly are you?"
Arc stopped swinging and frowned, "I'm a hybrid."
"Hybrid, please explain." Blake questioned.
"Well, my father is human like you. My mother though-" Blake finished her sentence for her.
"She is something else!" He exclaimed.
"Exactly, now my turn. How did you notice that I wasn't normal?" Asked Arc.
"Well considering that I am considered really intelligent for my age, I guess I just figured it out." He shrugged.
Arc smiled, "Well you are really smart."
Blake stared to blush a bit, "Thank you."
Then Blake looked down at his watch, "It's only five, wanna go get dome pizza?"
"What is Pizza?" Asked Arc, confused.
Blake smiled, "You have a lot to learn."


Zim held fast to Dib, eyes wide, "It can't end there! What happens to Sam? How about the bus driver-beast? Dib he get eaten?"
"Were not supposed to know. Were supposed to guess." Dib sighed dreamily.
"Why did that one girl leave the other worm-babies to get eaten by the zombie-beast?" Questioned Zim.
"How am I supposed to know?" Dib pouted.
Suddenly a knock sounded on the door. It made Zim jump, and use his retractable spider legs to hang from the celling.
He laughed nervously, "C-can you get that Dib-love?"
"Fine!" Dib sighed. Then he stood and made his way to the door, he opened it. He found a very unfamiliar to him, yet familiar to Zim, invader.


Tak laid in her bed, staring up at the celling. She was recounting her life, sorting memories.
She remembered her days in the academy, where she and Purple had met. They were decent enough friends, and it seemed that he never thought of Tak romantically.
They as smeets, loved to play pranks on Red, and had done so many times.
She laughed to herself, "Those were the days."
She then turned in bed, remembering her days after her attempt in taking over Earth. She shivered at the memory of being alone on Mars, for what seemed like ages.
MIMI even had gotten broken in the crash, which just resulted in her complete and utter lonesomeness. For four whole years she was alone.
Then she began to received transmissions from Purple. Apparently he had missed her company.
So they kept each other company for a whole year, before a voot cruiser showed up and got her. Another year later, she was finally with Purple.
She had to have many surgerys, to repair her broken body. Then she was given the pills, which wasn't the best thing.
Then her and Purple became promise mates, and she lived without being alone. They even had repaired MIMI, who was off on a personal mission.
Tak smiled, she had everything she could ever want and more. Now she just needed to get impregnated, and conceive her first litter of smeets.
Yet Tak never dreamt of being a mother beforehand. Tak sighed and sat up.
Then she stood from her bed, and made her way to her door, she was going to pay a visit to Purple.


Gaz played her Game Slave until she grew bored, then she sat back and watched as the planets and stars passed by.
She grew increasingly bored of this, and began to think about red. He seemed interesting, but mysterious in the same sense. She realized how foolish it was, chasing a boy she had never even met.
Still, she found herself wishing to be by the alien, she sighed, "Maybe I'm just being stupid."
Suddenly a beeping sound began, "Huh?"
Gaz leaned forward, and read the screen. It stated she had a transmission.
She sighed, "What now?"
She pressed a button and began the transmission, and on the screen appeared the image of someone she was thinking about.
Chapter 12: [link]
Chapter 14: [link]
Longest chapter Eva! I'm proud to say, derp!
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