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September 4, 2012
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Zim closed his eyes, and hummed his strange tune, as he waited for Gaz to return. He was badly injured; the bullet wound would not heal very quickly.
Gaz walked into the room, a plate full of waffles in her hands, "Here, GIR decided to make you some waffles."
Zim tried to sit up, but all he could do is moan in pain. Gaz sat the waffles down, and helped Zim sit up, putting pillows behind of him for support.
"Thank you." He whimpered.
Gaz nodded and placed the Waffles in front of him, he began to eat.
"I think we should discuss what happened." Zim said while swallowing.
Gaz nodded, knowing that he needed to know sooner or later, "You and Dib got into a big fight, I really don't know why. But you two ended up shooting one another."
Zim looked up from his plate, "Is Dib-stink dead?"
"I don't think so. That hunk of alien junk that he is always working on came and picked him up. I don't know where it took him, or even if he is alive."
Zim growled, "That insolent fool! He should never keep you wondering! Oh- when I get my hands on him I'll- I'll!" Then pain made him settle down.
Gaz smiled, but quickly went back to a frown, "Don't be stupid. I really don't care at the time being, and Dad just thinks he ran away so." Gaz shrugged.
Zim nodded, and closed his eyes.
"Zim, you also told me something, and I was wondering if you meant it. You told me that usually you don't feel, or at least not often. But you said that you had a strange feeling of love towards me."
Zim's face turned an emerald green, which indicated a blush, "Well- uh- I ZIM- was telling the truth."
Gaz gulped, "Why didn't you tell me before?"
"Because I didn't know what I was feeling until I was almost dead. I ZIM, am not the best with emotions." He sighed.
Gaz smiled, "I think you'll get there." The she kissed his on the head and left. Zim sat there, face still blushed. Then he smiled, "Yes, with you I think I will. . ."
Meanwhile in the moon base.
Dib leaned on the wall, at lest he can stand in moderation. He had to breathe, which was hard for him to do while walking. He knew Tak would kill him for being out of bed, but he needed to talk to her, to see her.
He then presumed walking, still were stopping to breathe every so often.
Then he finally reached Tak's bed room, he lightly knocked on the door. She quickly stepped out and growled, "What are you doing out of bed? You're going to re-open your wounds, and cause me to have to sew them again!"
Dib coughed, "Sorry, I know. But I really need to talk to you Tak, with out you shoving food in my face trying to shut me up. Tak sighed, well he figured out that plan.
"Fine, but at least sit down." She said while walking back into her room, in which Dib followed close behind.
Dib sat on one of her chairs and sighed a sigh of relief, it felt good to sit.
"Now what do you need? I'm really busy!" Tak asked.
"I wanted to know why you saved me." Dib asked.
"Honestly, I don't know. I ask myself that question every day." She sighed.
Dib felt his heart shatter, "Oh- well- can I ask you something else?"
"Sure, I don't see why not." She said while tinkering at something on her desk.
"What do you consider me?" He asked.
"A friend, Dib, a friend." She answered.
Dib's heart began to feel better; at least she doesn't hate me.
"Another question, why are you always in human form?" He asked.
Tak sighed, she knew this question was coming up, and she knew she was going to have to answer it, "Because, I'm -I'm stuck."
"What?" Dib exclaimed.
"I can't turn back. My DNA has been altered. Now I'm a hybrid. Neither Irken nor human, I'm something in between." she paused, "Dib I have a question for you." She paused again, "Why did you sit in my ship for countless hours? My computer indicates you were in there a lot, but you really never flew anywhere."
"Well to be truthful Tak, I found your ship to be a nice place to think."
"To think?" She questioned.
"Yes, ever since I got your ship, I haven't been able to get much rest. So it was a place to think and relax."
Tak nodded, "Okay, thank you."
Dib smiled, and tiled his head back. Maybe he might be able to be with his true love, alien or not.
wow i even did expect this, im just so weird!
chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 10: [link]
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