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September 3, 2012
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WARNING: This has alot of violence! this is intended for Pg13 audiences and older! Can't say i didn't warn you!
Dib waited angrily outside of the hi-skool. He passed back and forth, waiting for his sister and for Zim.
Time ticked by, and he felt like crying. Why would Zim steal his only safe heaven? How would he? Why would he? Dib begged his brain for the answers that seemed so obvious.
Finally, it was three and the teens and young adults began to run out of the building.
Dib rang his knuckles, he meant business. Then to his dismay, he saw Zim, walking closely beside of Gaz. Gaz was actually smiling and laughing at something Zim had said. That was the final straw, Dib ran up to them.
"Hey Zim!" Dib yelled, making Zim look up. Suddenly pain went though Zim's squeedlyspooch and he knelt on the ground. Dib had just struck him
Zim stood and struck Dib in the face, knocking off his glasses. Dib growled, and went to hit Zim back, but Gaz grabbed his arm, "What are you doing blockhead?" She yelled.
"Let go Gaz! I need to do this!" He yelled while pulling his arm free.
He then struck Zim on his cheek; dark-green liquid sprang from Zim's mouth. Gaz knew that the green liquid was blood, and she gasped.
"You will pay for that! Foolish human!" He then reached into his pack, and got out a gun. He aimed it at Dib, to find Dib already had one aimed at him.
Zim cursed to himself, why did that worm have to be so intelligent.
Gaz's eyes widened. She did not know what to do, or weather they would go though with it.
"At least I will be able to give your dead body as proof!" Dib yelled feverishly.
"Oh- foolish Earth-monkey, why don't you just give up now? It's not like your going to beat the almighty ZIM!" Zim yelled back.
Dib growled, taking a step closer, determined to end this. Zim took a step away, not wanting to harm Dib in front of Gaz.
"At least I have an easy shot! I mean look at that humongous head of yours! I ZIM, can hit it with my eyes shut!" Zim laughed.
"Well- uh- well at least I'm not- um- green?" Dib tried back, losing his words.
Zim smiled, and felt like he had already won. Then a loud bang interrupted his thoughts, and his squeedlyspooch, rang with a new sort of pain. Zim fired back, before falling on the ground. The shot hit Dib's stomach, and he fell.
The green blood leaked out from Zim's abdomen, and he clenched the area where the bullet had struck. Dib rolled over, pain forcing tears in his blind eyes they both had been hit.
Zim gripped his teeth, and crawled over to Dib. Once he was over Dib, he simply spat in his face.
Gaz was frozen, her brother, and her- her- her new crush was dying. She finally felt the strength to run up and kneel beside of them.
Tears ran down her face as Zim collapsed beside of Dib. Zim was laughing, "At least my mission wasn't a complete and utter failure."
Dib tilted his head, but did not have the strength to speak.
Zim looked up at Gaz, "Gaz, I want you to know that my existence on this ball of filth wasn't so bad with you here. I want you to know, even if I ZIM is not supposed to feel, I still felt a sort of love towards you."
Gaz gasped, "Zim, you did?"
He nodded slowly, before tilting his head towards Dib, "Dib-stick, even though I am the one to cause your downfall-" He paused pain making him gasp, "I still consider you a sort of friend." He then smiled, "But don't think I ever took it easy on you. Or ever felt bad for you."
Dib wished he could say something back, but quickly he lost consciousness, and fainted. Zim soon did the same, after a quick fare well to Gaz.
A month later, in Gaz's room.
His eyes opened, and light made they burn. Where was he? What happened?
He could not remember, but he did realize that he was alive, and that is all that mattered to him.
His vision was blurry, but he could see a figure walk into the room. The figure he took to be female and she had violet colored hair.
"You're awake?" She stated.
"Yes, where am I Gaz?" He asked, after he realized who she was.
"You're in my room." Gaz answered.
"What happened?" He asked.
"It's a long story. But first I think you need to rest Zim."
Inside of a base on the moon.
Tak quietly fed her patent a sort of applesauce, making sure he ate every bite. She did not know what had happened between him and Zim, but she knew that he would not be better anytime soon.
She enjoyed the fact that Zim was probably dead. She loved it even more, the hatred this boy felt for Zim.
The boy asked repeatedly, why she was in human form, when there was no way for a human other than him to see her.
She only stuffed his face with more food, to silence him.
The boy seemed to love the attention, and care he got from Tak, and so he did not argue.
Tak did not understand why she felt the need to save this creature's petty life, but she did. She kelp the boy alive and well-taken care of.
She sighed at her own attempts, "I wish I had done more research on humans."
"You can research humans on me." He always told her.
"No Dib, I will not. You're too weak for any research to even count." She would always answer.
She then returned to the thought, what compelled me to save him?
The most shocking of all chapters. i hope you enjoy!
chpater 7:[link]
Chapter 9: [link]
I considered not even uploading this. . . it seems so epic and stuff. . . i hope you guys like it! And no this isn't the end!!! don't worry people!
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