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Author's note: Hey people I love that yew guys are so into this!!! i am happy to announce that in this chapter there is a song! yay music!!! anyway here is the link, play while you read or read then play yay!!! This song is only for the first part of this chapter, when you reach the part about the moon, you can exit the song. . . here's the link:…
In biology Gaz sat flustered, and completely unwilling to continue, when Zim sat beside of her.
"Gaz-beast, can I the almighty ZIM, sit next to you?" He asked.
Gaz looked at him and shrugged, "Whatever."
Zim smiled, but his mind was in other places. He was wondering why he loved being so close to her. He couldn't help but sit next to her, and he felt so happy when he did. Zim felt a sort of longing when she was not near him. He did not understand why, but he did not question it.
The teacher walked in, "Hello class, I am Mr. Blathers, and this is biology. "He stated in a deep voice, "Now everyone turn to the person sitting next to you. Now say hello to your new lab partner." He finished.
Zim rolled his eyes, which made Gaz giggle.
The day afterward seemed uneventful until lunch time came around. When Gaz and Zim walked side by side to the cafeteria. They went thought the line with few distractions, other that Zim yelling at a lunch lady to give him the potato of the mash.
Zim led Gaz to his favorite table and sat, she sat next to him, wondering what she should say, what they should talk about, but also wondering what shouldn't they.
Meanwhile on the moon.
Her eyes opened, and she sat up. Her thoughts were foggy, as she tried to remember what had happened. She looked around; taking note of the environment she was in. She soon realized that she was on some sort of moon, and she wondered why.
She tilted her head and looked at her robot, which lay sleeping beside of her. Her first thought was that it must have gone into sleep mode to save its battery life. She sighed and turned it on, with one quick button pressing.
The tiny robot saluted her, and said hello.
"Hello my old friend." She nodded back.
She looked up, and to her horror she saw Earth. "So it wasn't a dream after all that explains a lot."
She stood, and quickly noticed that she had somehow gotten taller. Then she had the urge to look at her hands, and when she did her jaw dropped. She had five fingers, not three, and they all were a pale white colour. She then ordered the robot to give her a mirror.
The robot gave it to her, and saluted. She looked into it, not seeing her face but a human's. She gasped, how could this be?
Her eyes where not bulbs of purple but just tiny circles. She had blue hair that cast a purple tent instead of antennas.
She let go of the mirror and looked back at Earth, "Zim! He did it! It's his entire fault! I will get him! Or my name isn't TAK!"
Meanwhile in Dib's room.
Dib's heart leaped, and he didn't know why. He had told his Dad that he was sick, and he stayed home, not wanting to be with him.
But his heart felt happy, just for a moment. His heart ache turned from wishing a dead girl back to life, to wishing a live girl to come back to him.
Dib didn't understand why. He felt conflicted and confused at his sudden emotional change. "Maybe I am sick," He said to himself.
He lay down in his bed, and sighed, "Maybe I just need rest."
He closed his eyes, but did not feel up to sleeping, so he sat up and looked out the window, again getting those new feelings.
He was still confused, and angry at his Dad, but he was also longing Tak.
He stood and walked outside, to his garage. Sometimes he found it helpful to sit in Tak's ship, to clear his mind. But when he opened the door, it wasn't there. All that was there was a hole in the ceiling.
"Ah-oh. . ." He whimpered.
Bet you didn't expect that!
chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 8: [link]
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ZimGaurdian1 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015
Oh, buck. Looks like we have another homicidal irkin-thing on earth. *Gets some popcorn* This is gonna be funny. ;)
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chapter 8 is out!!!
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Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of ZaGr ^^'... But I do like this, I can tolerate the romance :3. Cant wait for more :D!
Personally, Im a mixture of ZaDr/ZaDc/ZaGIRf :|
...Explanation for me liking BOTH ZaDr/ZaDc - I personally seem to like them both : The songs, the fan art. I like romance, yet i like violence. Its really not all that confusing ^^.
~I said I would read yer fanfics - I don't break promises o3o~
Cutediepie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
Well thx! And mine isn't all about romance. I'm a fire work writter lol. Anyway thx again and I should have chapter 8 tomorrow
InvaderHazel Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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it's awesome!
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