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August 28, 2012
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"What do you mean?" Asked Gaz, shock finally in her voice.
"I am no longer an invader, or at least and Irken one. They lied to me for so many years, the Tallest they told me a lie to just get rid of me. They banished me to this filthy ball of- of- DIRT." He cried.
"They told me that if I ever contacted them, or even tried to leave Earth they would kill me on the spot." He finished.
Gaz could not believe her ears, not an invader. Was lied to!  Gaz then could not help but ask, "Why are you telling me this?"
Zim looked at her deep into her eyes, his blue contacts dark and sad, "Because you're the only pig-smelly that I can trust.
Gaz felt the strange urge to smile again, but resisted. They both remained silently staring at each other, now with a new respect.
The computer broke the silence, "My lord, it is almost midnight. I suggest you get some rest, you will need it for skool tomorrow."
Zim nodded in agreement, "Yes, so do you Gaz."
Gaz yet again was left in a state of shock; did he really just call her by her real name? He had never done that! "I guess I'll be heading home then." She said.
"No!" Zim yelled, "Uh- I mean, you can stay the night."
Gaz then smiled that once in a lifetime smile, "Yeah, I think I will."
Early the next morning at Zim's base.
"I'ma mak'n waffles fer Gazzy!" Gir Giggled, while placing plates in front of both Zim and Gaz.
He then ran over to the stove and started to cook.
Zim tugged at the collar of the black tee shirt he was wearing.
Gaz could not help but notice all the cuts, scares, and bruises that covered Zim's arms. She opened an eye and frowned, "What happened to your arms?"
Zim grabbed them in an attempt to cover them, "Oh- I uh- I hurt myself while I- uh- destroyed the transmissions room."
Gaz nodded in understanding, she could not imagine what it would be like to be told that her whole life was a lie, and the only reason they sent her on a job was to rid themselves of her. She wished she could ease Zim's pain, but she knew she could not do a thing.
GIR brought over the waffles and filled the plates, screaming, "Mah waffles are done!"
Zim automatically began to eat the waffles.
"You do eat human food!" Gaz exclaimed.
"Yeah, the kind I can tolerate." He swallowed.
GIR then sat on Gaz's lap, "Wow Gazzy! You've gotten so tall!"
Gaz smiled at the little robot maniac that sat on her lap.
"Gazzy! GIR has a secret to tell yew!" He giggled, "Last night when Gazzy went to bed, mastah talked about how pretty Gazzy have gotten! Mastah likes yew Gazzy!"
"GIR! Go clean the transmissions room! Gaz does not want to be bothered with your petty tell talls or whatever!" Zim screamed.
"Yes my lord!" GIR saluted, "bye Gazzy!"
Then GIR ran off screaming and giggling.
Zim turned and noted, "Oh- and c careful on the waffles you can never trust them."
Gaz nodded, but she was deep in thought. Zim likes me. I never would have, she thought.
"Don't listen to GIR," Zim started, getting Gaz's attention, "Sometimes I wonder if the Tallest just filled his head with scrap!" He finished grimly, obviously considering the possibility.
"I ZIM, am ready to go!" Zim yelled, while he stood.
Gaz sighed, "Why do we have to have teachers?"
Zim pondered this before answering, "I guess to make sure the worm-babies don't have a riot and destroy the skool building."
Gaz shrugged, she altogether disliked skool, she had much rather play video games all day. Gaz stood; it was now time to go.
Another chapter! two in one day! yay!!!!!
chapter four: [link]
chapter one: [link]
Chapter six: [link]
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It's sad that Zim was bannished :( But I think he'll get over it by hooking up with Gaz X3.
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well they haven't hooked up yet :\ lol GIR let it out of da bag!
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