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Dib ran upstairs to his room, still stoked about the mysterious mysteries episode he had just witnessed.
He hurriedly put on his pajama pants, and took off his shirt. Then he sank into his bed.
Little did Dib know that his sister has not come home? He did not know he was home all alone.
He closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep, but hours pasted and his mind wound not drift off to sleep. The reason was that he could not empty his mind of the single thought that haunted his mind since elementary skool. The image in his mind never changing. It was Tak.
This thought keep him up endless hours of the night, and once he did fall asleep, it haunted his nightmares. Why? He would always wonder why was the only girl who ever listened to him, who never made fun of him, why did she have to be an Irken? Why could he just fall in love with a normal human girl, who was not destroyed in his fight to save the world?
Why was the only girl to hate Zim, have to be an alien?
Dib sighed; she agreed with him, she understood him. Without her, he felt alone, so he always felt alone.
Dib knew he needed a lot of rest for tomorrow, because he was to be at the science lab with his Dad, and other subjects. Dib knew if he even shown a tiny sign of being tired, his Dad would send him to skool.
Dib covered his head and tried to block out the world. "Sleep," He told himself.
Finally, after hours, his eyes felt heavy and he slept.
Meanwhile in front of Zim's base.
Gaz stood frozen, looking up at the neon green, glowing house, frown deepening on her small face.
She had decided to come here because she needed to talk to Zim, she could not wait.
Nevertheless, she stopped at the property line; her feet were not willing to move from the spot she stood at.
What if he is resting? What if he didn't look at the note? She asked herself.
Then she sighed, "Well I won't lose anything by trying."
She slowly made her way to the front of Zim's house, and stopped at the front door. She did not bother to knock, knowing that Zim would know she was here. His alarms would tell him that she was here, so she waited.
Meanwhile inside of Zim's house.
The alarm rang loudly, and Zim hurried to put on his human disguise, "Who could that be, at this late hour!" He flinched.
Zim opened the door, "Oh- what do you want worm-baby?"
Gaz waved away his question, and walked inside. She sat on the sofa, obviously deep in thought.
She crossed her arms, and sat back. Zim tugged at the collar of his hoodie, nervously.
He decided not to leave the Gaz-beast alone on the sofa for too long, or it might catch fire. Therefore, he sat beside of her, and tilted his head, waiting for her to speak.
It was silent other than the faint screams of GIR, who was cleaning the transmissions room early. Zim was angry at his annoying personality, so he sent him down early.
Zim coughed, "Is there something you need Gaz- beast?"
"Yeah, did you read the note I left?" Gaz asked she expected a big fat no I did not.
"I ZIM, did read your note." Zim sat up, not understanding why it was important.
"Good," She paused, "are you going to sit with me tomorrow?"
"Of course pig-stink! Zim maybe insane, but he isn't crazy!" Zim said in his usual third person talk.
Gaz then smiled a once in a lifetime smile, "Good."
Zim smiled back, but carefully, because he was not sure why she was so happy. He decided it was time to make her smile even more, because her smiles made he feel great from the sadness he has felt recently,  so he reached into his pack, and scooped out a small device, "Here, I was bored, so I used my time item displacement device to get you this." Zim handed her the device.
Gaz's eyes widened, she could not believe it, it was a Game Slave 6! She felt almost like crying, she could not believe she got two new Game Slaves' in one day!
She reached for the play button, but stopped herself. In addition, she looked up at Zim, who was smiling happily. Zim was so happy, but he tried to deny the happiness inside of him, because invaders are not to feel!
"Zim I need to tell you something," Gaz said, then proceeded to tell Zim about how sad she has been lately, about how her father pretty much left to just pursue the path of science. She even told about how Dib keeps her up all night with all his talking to himself all night long.
Zim sat back and listened quietly, and he only spoke when she finished, "I see, I'm so sorry, but I can't do anything." He said quietly.
Gaz was shocked by the quietness of his voice, but she did not say a thing.
"I feel I should share something with you as well." Zim whimpered.
This shocked Gaz, what could he have to tell her? What could he be hiding?
"I the almighty ZIM," He paused, "I am not," He paused again, "I am no longer an Irken invader. I have been banished."
Yay new chapter! sorry that it is late!
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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Poor Dib... :( You always got the fangirls! *CoughincludingmeCough* X3
Oh, so THAT'S why he's so sad and stuffs. Poor Zim :(
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Yep and sorry no lol. Anyway thx fer reading and I may add 2 more chapters today yay!
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