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GIR ran a riot in the living room; he was dancing and rolling on the floor, like a mad man. He was giggling devilishly to himself, and he even managed to make the computer laugh once or twice.
GIR then stood and silenced, because he heard his master yelling and screaming in the other room. It always made GIR sad to hear his master be like that.
GIR then ran to the front door, he was going to leave to go to one of his favorite clubs, but before he went out the door, something caught his eye.
The note that Zim, carelessly discarded, it was lying on the floor beside the trashcan. GIR smiled, and went over to pick up the note, because he was even curious to what the note said.
Gir then yelled, "I'ma gonna read this up!"
Then he picked up the note, and scurried to the sofa. He sat down excitedly, and laughed for reasons unknown.
He opened the note and started to read, his smile growing wider as the words progressed.
"Mastah needs to read this! It's so cute, aw Gazzy." He squirmed. He could barely contain his excitement. He was such a jitter little robot.
However, he stayed because he knew it was against the rules to bother Zim while he was in the computer operations room. Therefore, he sat there and waited.
Meanwhile in the computer operations room.
"Foolish computer! I ZIM, am not depressed!" Zim yelled feverishly at the computer.
"But sir my scans-" Zim cut him off.
"Your scans are wrong!" Zim yelled. The suddenly he sighed, "Computer you must be broken, I will have to fix you before Skool tomorrow."
"But Zim my processors say I'm working fine." The computer interjected.
"You have to be broken, I ZIM, am an almighty Irken solder, I do not get depressed. I do not feel such petty emotions. I do not feel at all!" Zim yelled as he stood.
The computer remained silent; he did not want Zim to think he was completely broken. Zim seemed pleased with the silence, as he walked over towards the elevator. Once he was inside he said, "Computer take me to the transmission room, I need to see something." Zim said, while he pondered what effect the room would have on him now, after a month since the accident.
While he was riding up, he contemplated telling the computer just to send him to the main house level, but he decided to not say a word, and let the elevator go to its original location.
Zim sighed, "Maybe I will be fine, and maybe it won't affect me now."
The doors opened and he stepped inside.
Meanwhile at Professor Membrane's house.
"Dib come on we have to go!" Gaz yelled, while banging on Dib's bedroom door. "If we don't hurry all of the Game Slave 5s' will be gone!"
Dib opened the door and quietly asked, "Do I have to go?"
"Yes, Dad said so!" Gaz stuck her tongue out at her brother.
Dib rolled his eyes, "You're freshmen now, and can't you go by yourself?"
"No Dad said I am not to go alone, now get ready or I'll be forced to send you to a world of torment that you will never, and I mean never escape alive!" She growled.
Dib then ran into his room, and hurriedly put on his black jacked, and then he followed his sister to the mall.
On the way, they saw the green glow of Zim's house, which made Dib wonder, what is Zim planning to destroy tomorrow? He knew Zim would most defiantly be at skool tomorrow including he hardly misses a day.
Gaz wondered if Zim even bothered to read the note she purposely dropped. She knew he probably did not even bother, which just proves that he was just a jerk. Still she had a strange feeling that maybe he did read her note, the thought made a smile almost appear on her face.
Now she was on a mission that she would never fail. She was going to get the Game Slave 5 if it killed her!
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
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