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September 10, 2012
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GIR lead MIMI inside humming and screaming joyfully to himself, "WERE HERE!" He screeched.
MIMI nodded and stepped inside, with GIR following close behind. When inside GIR took off his costume, "I'm naked." He giggled.
"Yes. . ." MIMI said while taking off her costume.
"Were both naked! We needa party!" GIR giggled.
"No, stay on task. . ." MIMI said obviously not willing to live though the craziness named GIR. GIR saluted then skipped into the elevator, "He-he going down!"
MIMI stood beside of him and they did indeed go down. Suddenly there was a loud bang and a crash, then dead silence. The elevator had stooped, and lost power, MIMI sighed, "Doesn't your mater ever fix this peace of junk?"
"Well he was work'n on it then mastah got hurt bady!" GIR then began to cry, "Poor mastah!"
MIMI regarded his tears for a seconded, actually feeling sorry for the little SIR bot. Then she shook her head, no need to think those thoughts.
She then sat on the side of the elevator, "You need to calm yourself GIR."
GIR nodded and sat next to her then he smiled, "MIMI I wike yew! Yew is so fun! Yay!"
GIR then pulled his arms around her and began to giggle, "Yew so pwitty and smart! I missed yew!"
MIMI could not help but wrap her arms around GIR, "I missed you to."
Dib and Tak worked feverishly to find the cure to her mutation. Nevertheless, at ever turn the cure-stepped one-step away. Tak sighed, "I'm going to be stuck like this forever!"
"Would that be such a bad thing?" Dib asked trying to look to the brighter side of the situation.
"Including I would never be able to show my face in Irk ever again, yes it is." She sighed.
"Why can't you stay here- I mean- would that kill you- to be with me?" He asked, messing up his words.
"I can't say it's the life I want to live. I mean ever since I was created I wanted to be an invader, now as a human, my dream will never come true!" She wined.
Dib sighed, "And I always wanted to be normal. . . Can't change that now."
Tak regarded him with a broken heart, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean- I just- it's complicated."
Dib then grabbed Tak's hand and placed it on his chest, "Feel that?" He asked.
"Yes. . ." She answered feeling the slow beats that came from him.
"It's my heart, and it's broken for so long." He paused, "It's been broken because I didn't have someone to fill the void. It's been broken since you left."
Tears began to well in Tak's eyes, "I'm sorry." She sobbed, "I wish things were different, I wish I could be with you Dib, but it just can't be!"
"Why in the Hell not?" Dib yelled. (Yeah my first cuss words in the whole story enjoy!)
"Because I'm not like you!" She yelled.
Dib then grabbed Tak by her shoulders and pulled her close, and before she knew what hit her she was in a drowned full kiss with Dib.
Meanwhile in the bathroom at Gaz's house.
Zim finally stood and dressed, his abdomen twitching with pain. He looked at himself in the mirror, and saw a new man. He saw a man of great pleasures with his life, a man with no worries. -To bad- he thought -my face is lying-. He sighed; he was a man of worries, extreme worries.
He wanted to be an invader again, to be able to say, he was perfect.
That time he knew would never be his again. He heard Gaz's shower finally start he shivered, "How can you stand that filthy liquid?"
"I made out of it, so." She answered.
Gaz felt an odd since of security with Zim in the room she smiled. Then her head began to go foggy, and she had to lean on the wall for support, "Zim. Something's wrong. . ." She wheezed.
Zim's antennae perked up, "What now?"
The water form the shower made Gaz hard to hear, "You idiot! Something wrong!" She screamed before, falling to the floor of her bath.
Zim opened the shower and picked her up, letting the water hit him and despite the pain from the water, and his abdomen, he carried her to her room and placed her on her bed, "Gaz!" He yelled trying rousing her.
What ever just happened Zim knew he needed to get her help and soon.
yay chapter 12!!! it's starting to get fiery up in here!
Chapter 11: [link]
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