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Zim was the first to wake up on a fresh new morning. He sat up and looked down to his sleeping companion, in which he had broken millions of rules with, in just one night.
He roused Gaz to the waking world, and once she was fully awake, she stood and began to dress herself. She turned to Zim, "Do you need help?"
"No ZIM can manage dressing himself." Zim said with a hint of sarcasm.
Gaz sat next to Zim, and he kissed her on the forehead. She blushed and scooted away.
This caused extreme discomfort for Zim, "Why do you pull away from ZIM? What did ZIM do wrong?"
Gaz felt a tinge of guilt, "No it's just- I'm not used to all this affection."
Zim smiled, "You'd think you would be after last night. I mean we did break so many rules. How do you think I feel? Irkens are giving a shot after birth, which causes our drives to disappear. But once we kiss, like you and I did last night, the effects of the shot disable themselves."
He shrugged, "But I wanted it to work out between us. So I decided breaking the rules wouldn't be so bad."
Gaz smiled, "Wouldn't they like, crucify you if they found out."
Zim smiled, "They won't find out."
Mean while at a park in the middle of town.
GIR sat on the grass sucking away at a chocolate bubblegum shake, till it was completely empty. He still sucked at it till he got to a trash can in which he tried to throw it in, instead though he threw it on the ground, and walked away joyfully.
He sat on a swing, and without swinging he screeched, "Wow this thing is amazin! I'ma goin' so fast!"
He began to laugh hysterically. Then he suddenly stopped, he had noticed something he understood to not be normal, he smiled, "Hello kitty dog!"
The cat known as MIMI looked at him though blazing red eyes, "Hello."
"I'm riding a swinga! Wanna join me?" He asked.
"No." She said while sitting near him, her little purple tale wagging slowly.
GIR started laughing, "I know yew! Aren't you Takkie's buddy?"
"Yes, I guess you can say that." She said while taking place beside of GIR, she looked at him curiously, "Do you still have my memory drive?"
"Yeah mastah kelp it in da lab! He say it gud fer garbage- he-he yay garbage!" He jumped off the swing and began walking away.
"Can you show me?" MIMI asked.
"He-he sures! Follow the turkey leg mashed apple!" He giggled.
Meanwhile in the moon base.
Dib sat up, and then stood from his bed. He walked to the closest window and peered out at Earth. He missed his home, he missed his father, and he missed Gaz.
But he also loved Tak, and was not willing to leave her, not ever.
He turned to his beloved, who slept on the bed. Her purple hair never seemed to mess like how Dib's did, and he make-up never smearing, she was internally the same forever.
Dib wished that she could be happy, but h knew he needed to help her be so. He would try till the ends of the Earth, to just make her happy.
Tak's then started to flutter open, "Dib what are you doing out of bed?" She yawned.
Dib felt his heart swell-she cares enough to even pester me right as soon as she wakes- he thought.
"I'm just stretching." He smiled.
"You need to stop stretching. What happens if your wound opens back up?" She sighed, as she sat up.
"Then I will deal with it." He said while sitting next to her, "Thank you."
"For what?" She questioned.
"For going to bed. I know you hate the thought of resting like this. So thank you."
Tak smiled at Dib and said to him, "No thank you."
"For what?" He mimicked.
"For keeping the bad dreams away as I slept." She rang.
Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]

hope you liked it! but the tale isn't over yet (sorry it took me so long btw)
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