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November 5, 2012
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(Warning Extreme Technical Cross Dressing)
Zim sat and drank about ten cups of coffee, apparently the caffeine had not effected him. Dib watched as he poured each cup down his throat, still in shock by what he had learned.
How was he going to confront Zim about this? He wasn’t supposed to look at the files, yet he had, now he felt like crap.
Zim looked up at him, once he had started on his eleventh cup, “Are you okay my Tallest?”
“Yes, I’m fine. . .” Dib answered, silently.
Zim raised an nonexistent brow, “You sure?”
Dib nodded and looked Zim straight in the eye, “Zim, I have a question.”
“What is it my Tallest?” Asked Zim, putting down his twelfth cup of coffee.
“Uh- well- I- Zim what is you opinion of me?” Dib sighed, great going. . .
“Well as my Tallest, I adore you. As Dib, I- uh. . .” Zim trailed off.
“As Dib?” Dib asked, trying to get him to continue.
“As Dib, well, I knew you as intelligent and-” He paused, not wishing to finish.
“And?” Dib asked, he was growing impatient.
“As Dib, I found you attractive in a sense.” Zim said while fiddling with his fingers.
Dib’s eyes widened, “Attractive? You have a crush on me?”
“No Zim does not!” Zim yelled turning away.
Dib chucked a bit, then he had a brilliant idea, to not only make him happy, but to make Zim’s reproductive glitch make sense, “Zim throw out all your clothes, I’m going to the store tomorrow, and I will pick you up more appropriate clothing.”
“More appropriate than a uniform?” Zim couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Yeah, and throw away your wig, I’ll get you a new one. It will make you disguise better, and it will please you Tallest.” Dib smirked, an evil plan glinting in his eye.
“Yes, my Tallest.” Zim saluted, before leaving the room, to complete his task.
Dib walked down the isles, finding it difficult to find clothing for Zim, being as small as he was.
Dib finally came o a conclusion, in which he would have considered before seeing Zim’s medical records.
Now he began to find clothing quickly and effectively.
Finally he finished shopping and went home.
Zim tried on the clothes, completely disgusted, “Uh- my Tallest? Why did you get me female clothes?”
“Because your body is more famine, so it will help you not stick out as bad.” Dib lied.
Zim looked at himself in the mirror, for a while longer before commenting, “Well, at least I’m pretty.”
Dib suppressed a snicker, “Yes, yes you are.”
Zim stared at him a moment, slightly amused, “Great plan my Tallest!”
Dib nodded, and looked at Zim, noticing more than ever how good Zim looked as a female, “You look ten times better than most girls at our fucking skool!” He exclaimed.
Zim looked at himself in the mirror again, “Too bad I prefer to be male, Zim could have made it far with these looks.”
Dib finally began to laugh, and so did Zim.
Chapter 3: [link]
Next: [link]
yayayaya got it done. . . sorry about the cross dressing, i just shrugged and said why the heck not! :D
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loves it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Well, at least I'm pretty.'
well you know how in the first episode zim was all like, "Oh- those are pretty, what are they?"
yeah. . .lol
yeah proves i do pay attenchion! lol spelling stuff wrong!
anyway!!!!! what do you think will happen next?
okay lol. . . i'll have the next chapter out soon. are you okay with the little bit of cross dressing?
im glad you don't mind :P i kinda think Zim looks great in girl clothes so it never bothered me lol
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