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I felt like property. . . Branded like a cow. How could he? Why would he, do this to me?
I ran out of the room, and found Zim, who was still sitting in the chair, reading that stupid book. I grabbed his wrists, and made him stand. The book landed on the floor with a thud, as I shoved him agents the wall.
I held his wrists on the wall, to keep him from retaliating. “What the Hell is on my back?!” I screamed at him.
Zim flinched at my screaming and had a very saddened expression on his, usually smirk face, “Z-Zim doesn’t know w-what your talking about.”
I growled, tightening my grip, “Yes you fucking do!”
“Dib-beast, stop your hurting Zim!” Zim cried.
“I don’t care! What happened? Why can’t I remember?!” I yelled over his pleas.
Zim whimpered, “Because you did not want to remember. . . You told Zim to help you forget. . .”
I now finally snapped, I felt like hitting Zim, but instead I thought of a worse punishment.
I pinned the stunned Irken to the ground, grinning manically, “You fucking bitch. . .”
Zim was, by the looks of it, shocked, “What are you doing? Get off!”
“No!” I yelled.
I looked around, for something to tie his wrists together with, when I found nothing, I growled, “You better not resist me, or I’ll kill you.”
Zim looked confused, terrified. I loved it.
I began to slip off his pants, making him whimper, “No, Dib-thing please!”
I grinned, “What? Scared?”
“Dib-smell! Get off!” Zim screamed at me.
I was aroused by my control, I was ready to take him. I unzipped my own pants, and made Zim roll over, “Well at least you have an ass.”
“Dib! Stop! Please!” Zim screamed.
I ignored him and shoved myself inside of the screaming Irken, for a few seconds, my vision was filled with white pleasure.
When my vision cleared, I moaned a bit, “Your ass is so tight!”
“Dib! Get out of me! Stop! Zim doesn’t like it!” Zim whined.
My grin grew, and I began to rock back and forth, bringing my member almost all the way out, then shoving right back in, causing Zim to yip with pain.
Now I tuned over Zim, and forced him to saddle me, as I shoved in deeper and deeper. “Dib!” Zim moaned, as apparently he climaxed. I felt his hot essence cover my abdomen, but I didn’t mind, I wanted to climax, I wanted to climax inside of him.
I was getting close, and the closer I got, the more Zim screamed for me to stop, the more he screamed that I was hurting him.
Then it happened and I climaxed inside of Zim, releasing my entire worth in one. Exhausted I fell to my knees and leaned back on the wall. Zim pulled away from me, once my grip had loosened.
He was on the floor, scooting away from me, “H-how dare you defile my body like t-that!”
“You liked it.” I smirked.
“No Dib-smell-stupid! My body liked it, my mind hated it!” Zim growled.
I laughed at that, then I collapsed into a deep sleep, from exhaustion.
I lied to deviant art. . . this is horrible. . .
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Annaley Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student General Artist
woah...... ok then......

Prolouge: DONE

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Chapter 3: pending..
Cutediepie Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
yay lol
WhiteIris16 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
This... is... AMAZING! :D
You did a really nice job here.
Cutediepie Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Im glad you like it! :D
thelasthellsing Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
O.o wow

good chapter
Cutediepie Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
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