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I opened my eyes, awakened by nature. . . I sat up to find myself in my room, in my bed. Was it all a dream?
I sat up in my bed, then I stood from my bed, and grabbed my glasses from the end table, then looked down at myself, to find my shirt on, like always. . . To find it was the one Zim had taken supposedly.
Was it a dream? I pressed this question, over and over, trying to get my thoughts in order.
I quickly became certain that it was, that the horror of that forgetful day, was all false. I frowned, remembering this ‘dream’.
“It felt so real. . .” I sighed as I walked over to my dresser, fiddling with the clothes in the drawers.
Just then I heard Gaz bang on my door yelling, “You better be getting ready, or I’m fucking leaving you!”
“Almost ready!” I yelled back, I hated that she was my ride.
I quickly got ready, grabbed my bag, and ran outside into the cold of the new fall morning. I sat in Gaz’s car, and nodded at her, to show I was ready to go. . . She sighed and started the car, then we were off. . .
Zim wasn’t at skool. . . I sat in homeroom, waiting for the narcissistic Irken to barge into the room, yelling something about how mighty he was, or how amazing. . . However it never occurred. . .
During lunch I stared at a table, not just any table, his table. . . It remained empty like my stomach. . .  
I walked around his neighborhood after skool, but never found him. I even looked into the windows of his house, to find what I took to be a whole lot of nothing. . . Where is he? He was no where to be found. . .
I searched everywhere, for the Irken, but found no trace. . . Where is he?
I began to feel bad, coughing. After hours, finally I gave up, stomach in pain, and head splitting, I went home and went to bed. Where is he?
Sorry this is so short, but the nest one will be very long to make up for it!
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