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Warning this chapter is kinda awkward and messed up. . . lol anyone can read!

Annaley was steaming by the time it was midnight, "How dare she tie me to a chair! I was just trying to help that ungrateful!" She growled.
She was tied to a chair in Stormy's room; this is what happened when she crossed Stormy's very thin line. She sighed, knowing that screaming at nothing would do. . . Well nothing.
Annaley positioned her hands, and took her cell phone out, she texted Dib, "Need help, plz! In Stormy room, stuck need help!"
She leaned her head back, "Please be awake! Please be awake!" She preyed.
Then she heard her phone go off, it sang the 'Nyan Cat' theme song, "Thank the heavens!" She praised.
She looked down at her phone and smiled, it read, "Be there in a bit."
Annaley's smile grew, "At least I can trust someone."
Meanwhile in Zim's base.
Stormy sat on the purple sofa, Zim was in bed, and GIR lay curled up on Stormy's lap. She pat the small robot like a pet puppy.
She couldn't sleep. She tried and tried but be it as it was she couldn't.
GIR made little laughing and screeching noises, which just made it even harder to sleep.
She lifted his little body, and placed it on the cushion beside of her. She then stood and walked to the kitchen, to find Zim there waiting for her.
"You can't sleep either?" He paused, "At least ZIM isn't alone."
He was sitting at the table reading a news paper; he placed it on the table, and stood, "Come with me." He whispered.
"Why where are we-" He cut her off, with making the shhh noise.
He grabbed Stormy by the hand and led her to him room; he sat on the bed as she closed the door, "Good now we can talk."
"What is this about Zim?" Stormy asked.
"Well I the amazing ZIM, have been thinking. Zim sees two things. One you're a dangerous female. Two I am an Irken male." He paused, "I wanted to know about human emotions!" That wasn't what he wanted to say at all.
Stormy caught that he wasn't going to say that, which made it awkward between them, "Well um- I can't really explain it. You would have to feel them yourself." She sighed.
She sat next to Zim, seeing that his face had grown neon green which was a blush. Suddenly the daydream Stormy had earlier, the one when they were hand in hand. He face began to turn red.
Zim noticed this, "What is Stormy thing about?" He asked.
"Nothing- nothing at all." She answered.
Zim leaned up close, on his hands and knees, "Tell ZIM."
Stormy simply looked away.
"Tell ZIM now!" Zim hated to wait.
She growled, "Back off Zim! I'm warning you!"
Zim smiled, "Tell me now." He wanted to pull that last straw; he wanted to have her horror, her rage, but above all her DANGER.
Meanwhile in Stormy's bedroom.
Dib arrived and began to untie Annaley. He seemed to save the day.
"Why were you tied up?" He asked.
"Stormy. . ." Annaley answered plainly.
Dib sighed, and crossed his arms, "Told you he wouldn't hurt her."
Annaley was prepared to punch him when she noticed that he wasn't wearing pants, but his space ship boxers.
She began to giggle, "Dib where in the heck are your pants?"
Dib blushed, "I was in a hurry okay?"
"Whatever," She laughed.
Dib's face turned a brighter red, "Please Annie."
"Okay- I'll stop- I'll stop." she stopped laughing.
"So what's the plan?" Dib asked, trying to change the subject.
"To go to bed and think about a new plan tomorrow." She answered tiredly.
Dib nodded, "Yeah too bad I hate to drive at night." He looked to Annaley with hopeful eyes.
"Fine you can stay." She sighed.
They walked into her room, and she looked at Dib who was giving her the puppy eyes.
"Fine!" She sighed, as they both lay on her bed. Dib wrapped his arms around Annaley and held her close. She smiled- maybe this wont is as bad as I thought- she thought.

Chapter 6: [link]
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