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Dib returned a moment later, face a bright red blush, "Sorry about that."
Zim laughed a bit, "It is no problem Dib-love."
Dib was shocked by his new side name, love. This side name was not mandatory like mate; it had a completely new meaning of actual feelings.
Dib found this new name magnificent, "So- uh how did you- learn to cook so well?"
"I found it only logical, that Zim would learn to cook human foods, while he stayed on Earth." Zim justified.
Dib nodded, and then he turned his attention to the miniature alien, who had seemed to refuse to eat anymore, let alone consume any of the human products.
Dib was given an idea, "Here sweetie try this."
He handed her a couple of strands of liquorish, which made Zim eye them carefully, "What is that?"
"It is called liquorish. I used to be addicted to it when I was younger. I survived years of it being my breakfast, so I think it would be alright for Arc to try." Answered Dib.
Arc took a bite, then she smiled sweetly, "Wow daddy! This tastes real good!"
Dib smiled back at her, "I am glad that you like it."
Zim then joined in with his own smile, now finally erasing any doubt he had about his new family. He now knew his family would be perfectly fine.
GIR then jumped on the table, breaking up the moment. He was dancing and singing, "I'ma dance'n lika monkey!"
Zim laughed a bit, "Yes GIR, now off the table! It is for nutrients not little robotic feet!"
GIR nodded and jumped off the table, and ran somewhere else. Dib laughed at Zim, he now noticed how much of a mother Zim was even to his robot.
Zim's lekku perked up, "What?"
"N-nothing sorry!" Dib tried to stop laughing and did so after a moment.
Zim shrugged and stood, walking over to the closest phone. "What are you doing?" Asked Dib, while Zim began to pound in the numbers.
"Well since Arc is technically five to seven mentally in human years, Zim thinks it's only appropriate that she is registered into a skool. I think she would do quiet well in a kindergarten class." Zim explained.
"Right!" Dib nodded in agreement, he had forgotten about her education plan.
Arc started at them, eyes wide, "What is skool?"
Zim sighed, "I will fill your PAK with the information later."
"Yes mama." Arc nodded.


Later on that day, Zim was preparing Arc for bed. Zim had decided to give her a gel-based bath, which she hoped in without complaint.
She splashed the gel, giggling like any other child her age would. Zim had just begun to wash her hair, when Dib walked in; he leaned against a wall, and watched.
"You're a very good mother." Commented Dib.
"Yes I know. You're a pretty great father, by what I have seen." Zim smirked mischievously.
"I know this is mediocre of me to be suspicious, but what's up with that wicked smile?" Asked Dib.
"It's nothing." Zim explained.
Dib now took place beside of Zim and smiled, "When Gaz was little I would have to help her bathe. She hated it, and always tried to claw my eyes out."
Zim lightly laughed, "That sounds about right."
Dib nodded in total agreement; suddenly the voice of GIR rang out from behind them, "Mastah and Mary sittin on a bee! K-E-C-S-I-O-G! Fist came hate, then came love, now comes Arcie in a bathing tub!"
"Hardy-har-har!" Zim sighed.
Arc then began to struggle in the tub, "Mama I wanna go play with GIR!"
Zim smiled, "But it is almost bedtime, my little sweet smeet."
"Mama!" Pleaded Arc.
"Fine but you're going to bed at ten, no later!" Zim laughed.
Dib could not believe how colorful the little girl's personality was when she was completely comfortable.  Zim pulled the girl from the tub, and dried her off carefully. Dib was smiling at this, noticing more than ever how good of a mother Zim was.
Arc-who was now fully clothed in bunny pajamas- marched out of he room like a lieutenant ready for battle, as she dragged GIR from the room. Her pink shirt, that acted much like a dress also seemed to drag along with her.
Zim stood after she was gone, and laughed, "That's my girl!"
Dib nodded, "she acts a lot like you do."
Zim smiled, "Almost as much as she does you Dib-love."
"So she was created though both of our DNA?" Dib paused, "I'm glad. I always wanted a daughter; I just thought it would have to wait a couple of years."
Zim's eyes widened, "So you do not feel trapped with our commitment?"
"Nope not at all." Dib answered honestly, allowing a hopeful smile to cross Zim's face.
"Would you care if we were to-" He trailed off.
"To what?" Asked Dib.
"To create another smeet. However this one is all natural." Zim finished hopefully.
"But that means we'd have to-" Dib paused, "Wouldn't that mean you'd get pregnant?"
"Yes it would mean that. I would not mind. However just forget Zim said anything." Zim sighed, a saddened look on his face.
Zim then stalked out the door, and Dib followed, feeling bad for what he had just done.
awww Dib why!!!! JUST SAY YES!!! lol sorry!
Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
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