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September 29, 2012
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Zim and Gaz sat quietly, listening to the chilling beeps and hums of Zim's base. Zim then stood and headed for the kitchen, "Want anything Gaz-friend?"
"Yeah make me a sandwich." Demanded Gaz.
Zim nodded and slowly began to work on her sandwich, but his mind was in other places. "If Gaz-beast can see his affection, then could Dib-love?" Zim thought.
He finished making Gaz's meal, and carried it to the human. She ate it quickly, and then in a flash there were only a couple of crumbs left over.
Zim flushed, "So is Dib-Stink well uh- interested in Zim?"
"I guess you can say that." Answered Gaz.
Zim smiled triumphantly, and then he frowned realizing he had a transmission, "I have to take this." He then stood and walked over to the television, where he told the computer to start said transmission.
Zim saluted, "Hello, my Tallest!"
"Yes, hello Zim," Greeted Purple, "how goes your mission?"
"It goes well." Zim lied; he had given up on his mission years ago, but never had the heart to tell them.
Red floated up to the screen and squinted, "Zim, who is that creature behind of you?"
Zim turned to see Gaz standing right next to him, sucking on a cola. "Well- she's uh- my human slave? Of doom!" Zim tried.
Gaz crossed her arms defiantly," Whatever."
Red stared at her for a moment, "She seems to have an attitude of a female Irken."
Zim nodded in agreement, and then got an idea from the way both stared at each other.
"My Tallest, I would like to set a sort of deal with you. If both sides would hear me." Zim paused, as they all stared at him curiously, "Well it's more of a proposition really."
"Go on." Red grunted.
"Well," He pointed at Gaz, "you dislike human skool, correct?"
Gaz nodded, "Yeah so?"
Zim then pointed to Red, "You are interested in my Gaz-beast right?"
"Yeah and?" Nodded Red.
"Well what if I sent Gaz over to the massive, for lets say an earth month, doing her homework while she is gone? It would be a vacation for Gaz, and you can get a fill of your knowledge."
Red smiled, "That could work."
Gaz smiled as well, "Sounds- good."
Gaz and Red stared at each other for a long time, smiles on their faces. Then suddenly there was a loud bang and Purple yelled, "I think she's awake!"
Red did a sort of face-palm, then he said goodbye to Zim and Gaz, then cut the transmission.
Zim sat on the floor relived, "Well that went- smoothly."
Gaz- who was frozen in place- nodded, "Yeah."


Dib knocked loudly on the hard oak door. He had felt uncomfortable with the neighborhood, but decided it was worth the trip. Anything for revenge.
A woman, who looked plain, and much older than Dib himself, answered the door. Dib couched, "Is uh-" He paused looking down at a sheet of paper, "Keef home?"
The woman stared at him for a moment before asking, "Yes, why?"
"Well see, my friend Zim-" He was cut off by a loud pitched voice from behind the door.
"Dib he just say Zim?" The voice Dib could tell belonged to Keef.
The smiley teen made his way out the door and smiled warmly at Dib, "Hi! Now what's this about Zim?"
The woman walked into the house with a loud yawn, and left the boys alone. Dib smiled, "Hello, Keef. I have a proposition for you."
"Does it involve Zim? He's my bestest friend!" The shorter boy laughed.
"Yes, you can say that." Dib's smile widened into an evil grin.
Chapter one: [link]
Chapter three: [link]

I hope you guys like this so far, and bad bad evil dibbles!!
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oh my Tallest! Gazz has a crush on Tallest Red and Dib is using Keef against Zim?! this is gonna be good :iconevilgrinplz:
Lol isn't it great?
i feel slightly bad for Keef now that i'v read ahead :P only slightly though, he's still a creep :P
TallestAnnaley Sep 29, 2012  Student General Artist
*le gasp* Keef.... 0.0
Yep Dib is truly evil
TallestAnnaley Sep 29, 2012  Student General Artist
dat monster!
TallestAnnaley Sep 29, 2012  Student General Artist
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