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A/N: My actual factual Invader Zim ZADR!!! I decided to finally write one for you people, because the comic is not enough! Moreover, my short is not either!!! This will be the most worked on thing I will have! So yes, I will try to write better!!! Anyway, if you hate ZADR then do not read. I will also have RAGR and PATR. For those of you, who don't know these romances, and then read on to find out! It will also have GAMR. Therefore, this is one big romance! Adventure thingy! Anyway, I have taken too much of your time! Enjoy!


Zim sat in his usual seat in the hi-skool cafeteria. He picked at his food, not wishing to ingest any of the poison that sat right in front of him.
He noticed teens staring at his compulsive behavior; so he took one for the team, and ate a mouth full of the slop he had been given.
Dib focused his attention on the green boy; he had noticed so many changes in the alien over the years. From better speaking habits to his appearance, it had somewhat changed.
Dib knew the change was quiet sudden, and up most unrelated to his task of keeping an eye on the alien. Dib however noticed every change, and uncharacteristically paid attention to every detail.
Dib had to admit to love the change in Zim's face and outfit, because he seemed to care a little less about being completely normal, and was caring more about his own creativity.
Zim looked up from his plate and twitched, he had swallowed a mouthful of doom. He gagged a bit then yelled, "I'm normal!" and left it at that.
Zim then began to twirl his black hair in one finger he was deep in thought. "What should I do today to please my tallest? I ZIM cannot call them without any knowledge of what I have to do. Maybe give them yet another report? No too, the same." He thought.
Dib laughed a bit; as he witnessed Zim twirl his hair like a flirty hi-skool girl. He never knew why Zim had started that, let it be from his longer hair, or that he was simply copying the wrong sex, Dib did not know or care he just found it humorous.
"Hey Zim! Who ya flirting with?" Dib yelled.
Zim looked up from his plate and growled, "I do not know what you are talking about! Now let me continue being normal!" Zim paused, "I'm normal!"
Dib smirked, but did not go any further. He knew that he had just got on Zim's nerves, and did not need to do anymore damage, for now anyway.


Zim took off his newly spiked wig; it had been the replacement for his old one for about a year now. He loved the color it had, and the spikes were a nice touch.
He sighed and sat next to GIR on the floor. He had simply come to adore the little mad man recently.
GIR had saved his life after all. Zim sat quietly, listening and partially hanging on to every word GIR had spoke.
Then his lekku perked up to the sound of the doorbell, he grunted, "Who could that be?"
He stood and applied his wig, and then he walked over to the door and decided to yell at computer, "Computer! Why didn't you tell me that someone was on the premises?"
"UGH- I have told you for a month now that I am on break. Let me just say it is not over yet." Computer sighed, hatefully.
Zim frowned then shrugged. Then he opened the door to find Gaz standing there. Her angry expression freezing Zim in his place.
"Uh- hi." Zim tried.
Gaz growled, "My stupid brother won't shut his face. Can I stay here and do my homework?"
Zim shrugged, "As long as you don't touch anything, I guess it would be fine."
Gaz then walked in and sat on the floor in front of the couch and pulled out a huge math book, and began to work on some assignment.
Zim had a soft spot for Gaz, he did not know why. He knew it was a sort of friendship he had started with her. He had enjoyed going shopping and other things with the human, he even told her secrets and they talked on and on about different things.
Gaz even noticed the new friendship enough to not pumble Zim to a pulp, every time he spoke down or back to her.
Zim sat next to her on the floor and placed an awaiting GIR onto his lap. Gaz looked up from her homework and smiled at GIR who smiled childishly back, "Hi Gazzy!"
"Hi." She greeted.
She then focused her attention back on her assignment. She sighed, "So you and Dib going out yet?"
"What! No! Of course not!" Zim yelled.
Gaz's smile disappeared and she sighed yet again, "I just thought since you like him so-"
"I do not." Zim frowned.
"Don't lie Zim. I know you like my brother. It's okay, were all friends here." Then she looked up at the ceiling, "Well most of us anyway." She was referring to computer.
Zim then sat back, face a shade of purple, "Is it that obvious that I do favor the earth-monkey?"
Gaz smiled sweetly, which was uncommon for her, "No, I just know you very well. That's all."
Zim smiled, and began to twirl his hair again.


Dib went over his notes feverishly, trying to find the perfect way to abuse the alien. He wanted to learn more and cause more pain for Zim.
Then he found it, the perfect plan. He sat back in his computer chair, smile on his face. "Yes this will do nicely."
He had figured out in the past years that Zim was no longer a threat to humanity. However, he still enjoyed to fight and biker with his rival, even if it was for nothing.
Now he held in his hands the perfect way to get back at Zim for years of touchier, years of being called insane!
He grinned evilly to himself; he was finally going to win.
HEY GUYS!!!! hope yew guys like it!!!! this is for my dear friend: [link]
And my dear brother: [link]

Chapter two: [link]
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