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So in this roleplay I was wanting to build a story around your character. Catch is, you don't know the story until you delve into it.
See this is an 18+ roleplay, but with some I can lower the rating for. I wish to contain romance of a sort and smut, hence the 18+.
Also if you have any requests or rules, please send them to me via note.

My Rules:
Please type like your writing a story, not texting.
No nasty urine things, or fatness fetish. I have nothing against fat people, I just don't like focusing on it.
Please more than one or two sentences per reply.
Don't start what you cannot enjoy or feel ready to finish.

What is okay:
Yuri (to a degree)
Straight pairings
Blood fetishes
Etc. (More that are not listed)

Feel free to comment or note and have a horrifying day! :D
Zim had an absent look on his face, as he stared out the window of the bus. They were going on a field trip to a local park to observe the plant life. Zim, however thought not of the trip, but instead let his mind wonder somewhere else.
Dib sat in the back of the bus alone, as always. He was playing on his cell phone, trying to beat the app he was playing on. His mind, much life Zim's was astray.
Suddenly came the moment of arrival, where all the teens piled out of the bus and hurried off to do whatever they wanted. The teacher, Mr. Dot walked with Zim since he always known Zim to be a loner. He urged Zim to speak as he spoke to him, "Well the weather is lovely," He paused waiting for a response, and when he didn't get one he continued, "The flowers are blooming nicely."
Zim was already at wits end with these few simple words, and walked faster with a set frown. He soon lost the older man, but found another annoyance in his life. "Oh look, the alien is now stalking me." Dib grumbled then rolled his eyes.
The older teen was sitting on the edge of an old looking well, and silently Zim hoped he'd fall in. Zim spoke harshly, "Shut up pig boy, Zim is the definition of normal!"
Dib shook his head and gained a sly look, "Okay Mr.Normal, why don't you make a wish in the well then?"
Zim gained a confused expression as he muttered, "Eh, what do you mean wish?"
"Oh no! Don't say that such a normal human teen doesn't know what a wishing well is! That isn't human at all!" Dib was playing with him of course, but it was one way to entertain himself for the day.
Zim looked skeptical, "I don't believe that such a thing exists, and if it did, it wouldn't work."
"Oh it works! Why don't you try?" He inquired, then took a coin out of his pocket, "Here, you flip this in to activate it." He continued as he handed him the coin.
Zim pocketed it, "That's a waste of monies. I will not be dragged in by your childish human traditions!" He yelled at him.
Dib shrugged and began to walk away, "Fine, your loss." He chuckled as he gained distance from Zim.
Zim waited there a long moment, before he muttered, "Eh, it maybe fake, but it'll be fun to mock."
He then dug out the coin Dib had given him and throught of a wish. He knew he'd might as well make it something he knew could never come true, "I wish that the Dib would be nice," he then laughed as he thought up a better one, "that he would love Zim!" Then he flipped the coin into the dark depths below.
Zim sat at home during his Saturday, and watched a movie with GIR. It was something about nude humans surviving in the wild together, which disgusted Zim but GIR was practically glued to the screen. Zim sighed, a distant expression on his face, "Zim is bored."
"Naked piggy funny!" GIR yelled in his usually loud, shrill voice.
Zim shook his head and continued to watch the show until he heard someone use his doorbell. This tore both of their attention from the television and to the purple passage. He sighed and stood, answering it, "We don't want any makeup please infest some-" he stopped speaking thanks to a realization that it was Dib.
Dib stood before him, wearing an unusual pink teeshirt with a red heart on it, saying 'be mine or else.' He smiled and hugged onto Zim tightly, "Hi Zim!"
"Dib? What are you doing? Release me at once!" Zim yelled loudly in confusion.
Dib frowned in confusion, "But Zim, why on Earth would I do that?"
"Because Zim hates human touching! Let me go!" He stressed to the human teen.
Dib let go but just smiled at the jade skinned boy, as he boomed, "Well can I come in? Or am I just going to stand here and admire you?"
"Eh? Admire? Are you on some sort of hallucingenic drug? Also where can I get some?" Zim inquired, looking completely baffled.
He shrugged and came in passed Zim, humming to himself, then he spoke loudly, "Well Zim, I think I'm high on life."
"So can I end it?" Zim growled, crossing his arms, "Get out of my house!"
Dib simply ignored him, and sat on the couch, "Oh my dearest Irken, please sit with me."
"You're a strange human piggy, you know that?" Zim sighed, "What do you want?"
"I want you to go on a walk with me." Dib chuckled almost too happily.
Zim was entirely suspicious of his behavior, "So it can rain on me, and cause me serious injury or possibly death?"
"No! Not at all! I just want to walk with you." He again tried to convince Zim.
Zim turned away, huffing, "Why should the all mighty and powerful Zim, trust a weak pathetic human, such as the Dib-worm?"
"Because, I love you Zim." He admitted with a dark blush.
Zim turned around in a flash, his face entirely purple with his own alien style blush, "W-what?"
"I love you, Zim." He repeated softly, as he stood and crossed the room to Zim, "Now are you coming, or do I have to beg."
"E-even though the groveling will be satisfying, I'll go before you lower yourself anymore." He stuttered, his eyes darting away from Dib.
Dib smiled widely, "Then it's a date!"
"No, it's a walk." Zim corrected, remembering his stupid wish, and realizing that it may have become true.
Zim had walked with Dib in silence,  both boys seeming distant, despite the forcibly adjoining hands. Zim was not edgar to see what evil plan Dib had in store for him, nor was he in any mood to find out. So he slightly just hoped this was all true.
Though soon it became clear of what Dib was planning. In the horizon stood a beautifully lit amusement park. Zim frowned, this was not at all what he was expecting. He expected torment, and mistreatment, not a loving hand in his own, leading him to an obviously good time.
He stayed by Dib the entire time, eventually relaxing as they rode rides, and laughed together.
Finally the night was almost over, and one ride stood left; The ferris wheel. Zim's relaxation was gone once he saw the magnitude of how big and tall the structure was, yet he still allowed Dib to drag him onto it, without much more than a small complaint.
They sat hip to hip as they rose into the air, overlooking the entire park and into the city. They had plenty of time to look over the horizon.
Dib finally spoke in a hushed, sweet tone, "Zim I think its about time I spill the beans."
Zim frowned, "But that's a waste of food Dibish."
"I know," he paused with a small sigh, "This was all a ruse to get you to think the wishing well worked. I'm sorry I wasted your day."
Zim looked at him in disbelief for a long moment before looking away, "It was not an entire waste. In fact Zim had fun despite what your telling me now."
"Y-you did?" Dib was slightly shocked by his words of almost encouragement.
Zim nodded and looked back at him, to find a sweet smile on Dib's lips. Then Dib lightly cupped Zim's face with his hand, and brought him close. They were close enough to share body heat, "I've realized something Zim." He said, his breath showing up in the cool air.
"W-what?" Zim inquired, a large blush spreading across Zim's face.
He teased the side of Zim's lips with his thumb, just enough to make him long for more, "I wasn't lying when I said I had feelings towards you."
Then suddenly their lips melted together, and the tender moment took a turn into a fire of bottled up passion finally being released after years of misuse. The kiss lasted for what seemed an eternity, yet neither set of lips minded such a long wait. It was their version of bliss that lingered even after it was long over.
They were let off the ride soon after, and as they reached the exit to the park in silence they both knew each other's feelings. Once out they simply gave one another s brief hug, then headed home without another word.
Zim smiled as he finished the story he was relaying to a small child, "That's how it happened."
The child spoke with a squeak, "Is is true Momma?"
"I swear on it." Zim nodded, hugging his hand child to his hip.
Dib walked in after a moment, "So how are you three?"
Zim looked up, lightly petting his swollen life filled abdomen, "Alright, thank you."
The small child beside of Zim nodded, "I'm okay, thank you anyway Daddy."
Dib smiled softly, and turned to go back into the kitchen, glad that a joke that went to far made his life what it was that very day. Pure perfection in his book.
Invader Zim: ZADR Short: Wishing Well
Just something cute I made up, hope you enjoy! Also you may request another short which I'll consider making depending on the characters you request.
Hello fellow DA members, as you know every Friday I will post a serious question for you, my viewers, to answer or do art on! Whoever holds the firmest point or draws the best masterpiece relating to the topic (judged on by me and my sisters) will win the title as Question master and can help vote for the new master the next week!

Last week's question was:
If you heard crying coming from a bundle on another side of a gate, and it was obviously an abandoned baby, what would you do?

So this week's question master is:…

The best answer being:
"I think this really depends on everyones situation really but....if I found an abandoned baby and it was crying, first of all I'd make sure it wasn't too cold and pick it up. Then I'd look about me just to make sure there's definitely no one coming back for the baby while trying to sooth it. After that I guess I'd take it to the shop with me so I could get some baby milk and nappies (diapers), that way I could make it comfortable once I got home. Once I made sure the baby was fed, changed and comforable I have to phone the police knowing that I couldn't take of it. However once the police come to take it away I'd ask if they could just let me know what happenes to it so I know it's somewhere where they can look after it better than I can."

Now, this week's question is:
If you saw a homeless man on the street would you just walk by or help him? If you help him, what all would you do to help him?
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